AP Physics B Semester 1

Unit 1: Newtonian Mechanics

Chapter 1: Kinematics

Lesson 1: Motion in One Dimension
Lesson 2: Motion in Two Dimensions

Chapter 2: Newton's Laws of Motion

Lesson 3: Newton's First Law
Lesson 4: Newton's Second Law
Lesson 5: Newton's Third Law
Lesson 6: Applications of Newton's Laws

Chapter 3: Work, Energy, and Power

Lesson 7: Work and Work-Energy Theorem
Lesson 8: Conservative Forces and Potential Energy
Lesson 9: Conservation of Energy
Lesson 10: Power

Chapter 4: Systems of Particles, Linear Momentum

Lesson 11: Center of Mass
Lesson 12: Impulse and Momentum
Lesson 13: Conservation of Linear Momentum, Collisions

Chapter 5: Circular Motion and Rotation

Lesson 14: Uniform Circular Motion
Lesson 15: Torque and Rotational Statics

Chapter 6: Oscillations and Gravitation

Lesson 16: Simple Harmonic Motion
Lesson 17: Mass on a Spring
Lesson 18: Pendulum and Other Oscillations
Lesson 19: Newton's Law of Gravity
Lesson 20: Orbits of Planets and Satellites

Unit 2: Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Physics

Chapter 7: Fluid Mechanics

Lesson 21: Hydrostatic Pressure
Lesson 22: Buoyancy
Lesson 23: Fluid Flow Continuity
Lesson 24: Bernoulli's Equation

Chapter 8: Temperature and Heat

Lesson 25: Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
Lesson 26: Specific and Latent Heat
Lesson 27: Heat Transfer and Thermal Expansion

Chapter 9: Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics

Lesson 28: Ideal Gases
Lesson 29: Laws of Thermodynamics