AP Physics B Semester II

Unit 3: Electricity and Magnetism

Chapter 10: Electrostatics

Lesson 30: Electric Charges and Coulomb's Law
Lesson 31: Electric Fields
Lesson 32: Electric Potential

Chapter 11: Conductors and Capacitors

Lesson 33: Electrostatics with Conductors
Lesson 34: Capacitors

Chapter 12: Electric Circuits

Lesson 35: Current, Resistance, Power
Lesson 36: DC Circuits with Batteries and Resistors
Lesson 37: Capacitors in Circuits

Chapter 13: Magnetostatics

Lesson 38: Forces on Moving Charges
Lesson 39: Forces on Current-carrying Wires in Magnetic Fields
Lesson 40: Fields of Long, Current-carrying Wires

Chapter 14: Electromagnetism

Lesson 41: Electromagnetic Induction

Unit 4: Waves and Optics

Chapter 15: Wave Motion

Lesson 42: Wave Basics
Lesson 43: Properties of Traveling Waves
Lesson 44: Properties of Standing Waves
Lesson 45: Sound Waves and Doppler Shift

Chapter 16: Physical Optics

Lesson 46: Interference and Diffraction
Lesson 47: Dispersion of Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Chapter 17: Geometric Optics

Lesson 48: Reflection and Refraction
Lesson 49: Mirrors
Lesson 50: Lenses

Unit 5: Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Chapter 18: Atomic Physics and Quantum Effect

Lesson 51: Photons and the Photoelectric Effect
Lesson 52: Atomic Energy Levels
Lesson 53: Wave-particle Duality

Chapter 19: Nuclear Physics

Lesson 54: Nuclear Reactions
Lesson 55: Mass-Energy Equivalence