Curriki Review Team (CRT)

Find the best curriculum—and make good curriculum great!

Curriki’s content-area experts and teachers review and rate resources in Curriki, so people seeking high-quality materials can easily find vetted materials.

» Curriki members can nominate resources for review by CRT.» A CRT rating indicates the quality of the material.» If you are designing instructional materials, you can use the CRT criteria as a guide to help you create high-quality content.» If you’re contributing content that is Protected or Public, your resources can be rated by CRT.

In search results, look for the sortable “Rating” column:

In Advanced Search, look for the “Reviews: Any” option to filter your results to show top-rated resources:

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Who Reviews Curriki Resources?

Subject matter experts and/or master teachers serve as content specialists in math, science, social studies, and English language arts.
Reviewers in each subject work through a queue of nominated resources, usually in the order in which they were nominated. When a resource has been nominated, but not yet reviewed, the ‘Nominate’ link that appears in the resource header is replaced with the words ‘Review Pending.’ When the queue is empty, Curriki reviewers browse the site for resources to review.


Materials are assessed in three categories: appropriate pedagogy, content accuracy, and technical completeness. Reviewers submit both a numerical rating and textual feedback, assigning one of four possible scores: