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Jessika Richter
Jessika Richter
(Lund - Sweden)

The short and sweet: I have been a passionate teacher since 2001.  I first worked with the National Park Service in Washington (state), then moved to Australia where I completed my DipEd at the University of Melbourne and then taught at Hailebury  ...

Scientific Notation - How Big? How Far? How many?

  1. Created by: by Alan Bass and Terrie Teegarden, San Diego Mesa College
2. Type of activity: lecture, small group problem solving (paper and pencil)

3. Course level: Beginning Algebra

4. Topic: Scientific Notation

5. Materials: Calculator

6. Time required: 20-30 minutes

7. Description: Students will calculate relationships in the solar system using scientific notation. This requires that students understand how to multiply and divide exponential expressions

8. Implementation notes (follow up/discussion questions, pedagogical recommendations, etc.):

  • Select other planets and calculate their relationship with the earth.
  • Investigate the distance from earth to a variety of constellations.
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