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Jessika Richter
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The short and sweet: I have been a passionate teacher since 2001.  I first worked with the National Park Service in Washington (state), then moved to Australia where I completed my DipEd at the University of Melbourne and then taught at Hailebury  ...

Grammar Worksheets

Grammar Worksheets


Free grammar worksheets; topics include: subject/predicate, fragments, nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and more

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Grammar Worksheet - Noun, Pronoun, or Verb?

This resource is a grammar worksheet. There are 21 sentences that tell a fairy tale. One word in each sentence is underlined. Students tell whether it is a noun, pronoun, or verb.

This resource is part of the Grammar collection.

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English grammar practice

This is a worksheet to practice English grammar.

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Grammar Worksheet Grade 1 ESL students.


Dear teachers. These worksheets should be taught for app. 40 min in detail to Grade1 ESL students. Time spent on the worksheet itself should be app. 35 min.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

To be able to use English as a second language taught by a Natives English speaking teacher


Present - 10

Practice - 15

Activity - 15 ( 20 -30 students)

Evaluate = Worksheet - 35 - 40 min

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This is a worksheet on antonyms or opposites.

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SMART Ideas Diagram - Clauses

This file opens with the SMART Ideas software. It covers the way clauses interact with other parts of a sentence.

This resource is part of the Clause Unit and the English 10 course.

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Adverb Worksheet

These 10 fill-in-the-blank questions about adverbs can be used as an assessment to determine students' knowledge of adverbs.

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Editing & Proofreading Activities


Worksheets contain paragraphs with mistakes in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Students find and correct the mistakes.

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Understanding Nouns Worksheets

These are worksheets in powerpoint format that can be printed for students or projected for whole class instruction.

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Making Nouns Plural

This is a 21 bage booklet of handouts and worksheets regarding the pluralization of nouns for ESL students.

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Nouns-A Review Of Plural Spelling Changes

This English as a second or foreign language handout and worksheet reviews the plural spelling changes of nouns.

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Complements Review Worksheet

Complements Review

A.  Identify the underlined word as either a direct object (DO), indirect objective (IO), predicate nominative (PN), predicate adjective (PA), or objective complement (OC).


  1. The luge is a small sled used for one- and two-man competitions.        _pn____________________
2.  Basketball is fast-paced.                                ___io__________________
3.  Bobsledding is a fast and dangerous winter sport.                _____oc________________
4.  Weightlifting makes participants strong.                        _________do____________
5.  In basketball, players out a ball through a basket to score points.        ________oc_____________
6.  In many sports, the competition is fierce.                        __pa___________________
7.  A foul gave her the chance to score.                        ______pn_______________
8.  The winning team scores the most points.                    _____________________
9.  Powerful weightlifters leave spectators speechless.                 _____oc________________
10.  Lugeing and bobsledding are forms of tobogganing.                _____pn________________

    1. They stopped the game because the ball was flat.                ___________do__________
12.  Being unable to lift the desired weight leaves the lifter frustrated.        _____________________
13.  At the beginning of the game, the center tipped George the jump ball.        _____________________
14.  A foul gave Eric the chance to score.                        _____________________
15.  Tobogganing isn’t very popular now.                        _____________________
16.  Spectators first watched basketball in the nineteenth century.            _____________________
17.   St. Moritz was the home of the first bobsled event in 1888.            _____________________
18.  Weightlifting makes muscles big and strong.                    _____________________
19.  Most states now hold basketball championships.                _____________________
20.  As a result, the home team gave the Vikings another victory.            _____________________

B.  Write five ORIGINAL sentences using each type of complement.  You may combine more than one type in each sentence.

Review for Clause Test

Clause Test Notes

Part 1: Subordinate and Independent Clauses
Sentence Type 1: Subordinate Clause, Independent Clause.
Sentence Type 2: Independent Clause   Subordinate Clause. (no comma)
Sentence Type 3: Independent Clause, conjunction Subordinate Clause.
            Conjunctions: and, but, or, nor, so, for, yet

Part 2: Noun, Adjective, Adverb Clauses
Replace the clause with “someone” or “something” = Noun Clause
Is the clause telling why, how, or when something happened? = Adverb Clause
Is the clause telling which kind or which one? (Describing a noun in the sentence) = Adjective Clause

Part 3: Sentence, Fragment, or Run On
Sentence must have an independent clause
Fragment has no independent clause
Run On has 2 or more independent clauses grouped together without a conjunction

Direct and Indirect Object Review Worksheet

Direct and Indirect Objects Review

Remember, the objects ALWAYS come after the verb!!!!!

A.  Fill in the steps to find a direct object.

1.    Find the _________________________
2.    Decide if it’s a ___________________ or ___________________________ verb.
3.    If it’s a ________________ verb, ask the question “_______________” or “_______________” after the verb.
4.    The answer is the _______________________________.

B.  Fill in the steps to find an indirect object.

1.    Follow the steps to find the _______________________________.
2.    If there’s no _______________________, then there’s no __________________________.
3.    If there is a _________________________, then ask “__________________,” “__________________,” “_____________________,” or “___________________” after the verb.
4.    Indirect objects are NEVER in ________________________.
5.    The answer is the _________________________.

C.  Write the verb on the line, then underline the direct object and circle the indirect object.

1.  I brought Cindy a book from the library.                        _____________________
2.  We gave our parents a scare.                            _____________________
3.  Maria made us a Mexican dinner.                            _____________________
4.  Paul gave the chili a stir.                                _____________________
5.  I made Mom a rug for her birthday.                        _____________________
6.  The official gave the co-captains the trophy.                    _____________________
7.  Will you bring me some ice?                            _____________________
8.  The sun sparkled on the waves.                            _____________________
9.  Nathan must have ironed my shirt.                        _____________________
10.  Pat got a watch for Christmas.                            _____________________
11.  Our class cleaned the courtyard.                            _____________________
12.  Jill loaned me her thesaurus.                            _____________________
13.  Steve warned Paula about the tickets.                        _____________________
14.  Judy and Donna were whistling an old Aretha Franklin song.            _____________________
15.  Uncle Don gave the cactus to me.                        _____________________
16.  Did you buy me some more film?                        _____________________
17.  Liz shouted down the stairs.                            _____________________
18.  Did you align the wheels?                            _____________________
19.  Please give me some stamps.                            _____________________
20.  Joy repaired the steps to our porch.                        _____________________
21.  The employee told her boss a bold lie.                        _____________________
22.  We sang the book’s praises to our friends.                    _____________________
23.  When will Lloyd buy his sister a birthday present?                _____________________
24.  The courier delivered the package to him.                    _____________________
25.  They drove over the hills and into the house.                    _____________________
26.  Terry taught herself Russian.                            _____________________
27.  We wrote Aunt Emma and Uncle Alvin a letter.                    _____________________
28.  I ordered soup and salad with my dinner.                    _____________________
29.  Show the department store clerk that faded shirt.                _____________________
30.  We catalogued the books for the library.                        _____________________

D.  Write 10 ORIGINAL sentences using both indirect and direct objects.

Punctuation Worksheet

Name: ___________________________

Comp 9  Punctuation Worksheet

Add punctuation to each of the following sentences where it is needed.  You will use commas, semicolons, and colons.  Some sentences may not need punctuation.

1.    The Sering's grow peas beans and squash in their garden.

2.    During a full moon Matt turns into a werewolf.

3.    The cat enjoys lying in the sun and playing with its catnip toy.

4.    John Alex and Maddie were invited to Emily's party Derek was not.

5.    If you dont show up to work on time you will be fired.

6.    I like many sports especially pickle ball shuffleboard and kickball.

7.    David is interested in knitting consequently he signed up for a class at the Senior Center.

8.    Kristas insect collection includes ants scorpions and tarantulas.

9.    Before you begin painting gather the following things a brush an easel and paints.

10.    Running as fast as she could Brittany crossed the finish line ahead of her competitors.

11.    That is a dirty rusty car you are driving Colin.

12.    After the storm ended there was a huge mess to clean up.

13.    Im not sure why Jared brought a dolphin to school.

14.    Both Kristens were abducted by aliens but they escaped from the ship.

15.    Make sure you dot your is and cross your ts.

16.    Yes I thought the Fitzsimmon's dog had rabies too.

17.    Everyone needs the same basic things food water and shelter.

18.    Gosh that stings.

19.    Three of the girls Trapper Keepers were stolen.

20.    Peter you really should start showering more often.

21.    There are two Matts two Kristens and two Kaylas in this class.

22.    Exhausted by the workout Kara sat on the bleachers and caught her breath.

23.    The room was filled with flying ants when I got to school.

24.    Andrew got bird flu and he puked all over Mr. Murphy.

25.    If you want to go to Disneyworld youd better eat your peas Rachel.

26.    When he landed on the moon Chris mooned the video camera.

27.    I think Dayne has leprosy one of his arms just fell off.

28.    Brett you didn’t teepee the Lovejoy's house did you?

29.    Three little old ladies beat up Billy with their walkers.

30.    Lizzie wanted the last piece of taco pizza however Joe grabbed it when she wasnt looking.