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Jessika Richter
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The short and sweet: I have been a passionate teacher since 2001.  I first worked with the National Park Service in Washington (state), then moved to Australia where I completed my DipEd at the University of Melbourne and then taught at Hailebury  ...

Teaching Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

A Shmoop study guide for Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Includes overview and study questions.

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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, e-Text in English. From Project Gutenberg as part of the collection of The 43 Most Frequently Taught Books in at Least 5% of Public Schools, Grades 7-12.

This resource is part of the Romeo and Juliet unit.

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Romeo and Juliet - Scaffolded Final 5-Paragraph Essay

Five Paragraph Essay analyzing how the character flaws and actions of three different characters (not Fate!) cause Romeo and Juliet's tragic deaths. Scaffolded to that students must find and explain support for their conclusions, but do not have to formulate the thesis or organizational structure on their own. I'm using it to introduce students to the structure and format of a five paragraph literary analysis paper, and to save the time that would be needed for students to formulate and refine their own thesis and to create their own organizational structure.

I'm using 4 60-minute blocks to complete these - one for planning, one for writing body paragraphs, one for intro/conclusion, and one for slow students to catch up and every one else to finish a neat draft on loose leaf.

Reading the play, along with lessons on and ongoing discussion of character flaws and fate done before this paper.

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Ambiguity and Conflicting Loyalties in Romeo and Juliet


This is an original project that my colleague and I created while participating in a technology program at the Krause Center for Innovation.

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Themes in Romeo and Juliet (Kyesia, Nikki, Josh)


Romeo and Juliet is a play about young love rebelling against their socially constructed destinys. The theme Individual vs Society accurately captures the dynamics of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. In this lesson we will review the theme and compare it to modern adaptions in hopes that students will be able to make connections between the themes within this text and modern society.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to recognize and compare the theme of the Individual vs Society in Romeo & Juliet with other modern works.

Guiding Question:

How does the theme of Individual vs Society appear in Romeo & Juliet and how does it compare to modern film?


  1. Romeo and Juliet Novel
2. Computer with internet access for YouTube Clips/ Google Docs


  1. Start class off with a journal assignment that will completed in a google doc.
Question: "Imagine that you had to against society for something that you believed in. How would you respond? Would you go against society or conform?"

2. Brief recap of the Romeo and Juliet.

3. Make comparisons between the play and the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

4. Reinforcement of theme using modern movie example.

5. Discussion


Students have to make a short film where the utilize the theme in a skit.

Benchmark or Standards:

LA.910.2.1.4 The student will identify and analyze universal themes and symbols across genres and historical periods, and explain their significance;

Introduction to Shakespeare (9th grade Honors English)

This lesson plan is designed to assess student familiarity with and attitudes toward Shakespeare before beginning our unit. It is also intended to introduce students to Shakespeare and encourage them to begin relating Shakespeare to their own lives.

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Anticipation Guide

For each of the statements below, circle strongly disagree, disagree, agree, or strongly agree.

  1. Boyfriends or girlfriends are more important than family.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

2. You should keep secrets from your parents.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

3. You should know someone for at least one year before you marry him or her.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

4. It is important to spend a lot of time with someone to make sure that you love that person.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

5. Teenagers don't know what true love really feels like.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

6. A boyfriend of girlfriend is worth killing yourself over.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

7. Family feuds lead to stronger relationships.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

8. Your parents should approve of the people you chose to date.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

9. Life is easier when someone else picks who you will marry.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

10. Children should trust their parents to make the right choice in finding a husband or wife for them.
Strongly disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly agree

cast of R&J


Romeo- He is the only child of the Montagues. Romeo is quiet and mourning about his love for Rosaline in the beginning. After discovering Juliet, he becomes more vibrant and passionate. He is willing to do anything, including die, in order to be with his love. Romeo is impulsive, wanting to get married right away and not thinking about the consequences.

Juliet- She is an innocent thirteen year old girl, the only daughter of the Capulets. Juliet discovers love in Romeo and has to face the lost of her love when he is exiled. She becomes mature and independent as the play develops. She controls her temper and is strong-willed, leaving her parents and Nurse to do what she believes is right. She is willing to die for a loved one.

Tybalt- Juliet's cousin, has a temper and hates all Montagues. He demands revenge on Romeo at the Capulet ball and kills Mercutio. He is killed by Romeo.

Mercutio- Romeo's best friend, he's a bit eccentric and enjoys having a good time. Killed by Tybalt in a duel, he is quite a courageous character who remains faithful to Romeo.

Nurse- Juliet's Nurse who is closer to Juliet than her mother is; she nursed baby Juliet. She is a comical character, who mourns over her lost daughter and husband, yet constantly delivers sexual jokes. Always talkative and playful, she urges Juliet to "seek happy nights." The Nurse also provides support for Juliet and knows about her marriage to Romeo. Only in the end does Juliet abandon her.

Paris- Fine, handsome suitor of Juliet who is killed by Romeo in a duel at the Capulet tomb. He is related to the Prince.

Friar Laurence- Romeo's friend who advises him in many ways; he is wise and practical, unlike the passionate lovers. The Friar marries Romeo and Juliet in an attempt to bring peace to their families. All his efforts are for the good of others, but they do not work out in the end.

Benvolio- Romeo's cousin and friend, he tries to comfort Romeo from his love sickness over Rosaline. Benvolio is very peaceful, always trying to stop conflicts between the Montagues and the Capulets. He explains to the Prince why Romeo killed Tybalt.

Escalus, Prince of Verona- He warns Montague and Capulet that the next time a riot breaks out between their families, the punishment will be death. He keeps order in Verona.

Montague- Romeo's father who worries about his son's depression in the beginning of the play, doesn't have a main role after that.

Lady Montague- Romeo's mother, who also worries about her son. She dies grieving for her child.

Capulet- Juliet's father, does not want to cause trouble with Montague, defends Romeo from Tybalt at the ball. He does have a temper problem, and threatens to disown Juliet if she doesn't marry Paris.

Lady Capulet- Juliet's mother, doesn't have a close relationship with her daughter and needs the Nurse at important times. She wants Romeo killed because he killed Tybalt.

The Apothecary- Illegally sells Romeo the poison (which Romeo kills himself with) because Romeo offers him a large sum of money.

Friar John- He is sent by Friar Laurence to Mantua with a message for Romeo explaining the secret plan of Juliet and the Friar. However, he is not allowed into Mantua for fear that he carries the plague, therefore Romeo believes that Juliet is dead.

Balthasar- Romeo's servant, tells Romeo that Juliet is dead.

Samson and Gregory- Capulet servants, they fight with Montague servants in the beginning.

Abraham- Montague servant, throws insults at Capulet servants in beginning.

Peter- Juliet's nurse's servant

Folger Shakespeare Library Lesson Plans


Collection of full course lesson plans for many of Shakespeare's works.

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