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Jenna McWilliams
Jenna McWilliams
(Bloomington - United States)

I studied creative writing and published some poems. Then I decided to  get all up in education's grill. I'm currently a doctoral student in the Learning Sciences program at Indiana  University.
keywords: participatory culture, social media, education,  ...

The American Civil War Resources

Chapter 12: The Civil War, 1860-1865

The American Civil War

American Civil War

Music of the Civil War

This PowerPoint describes the importance or music during the American Civil War.

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Chapter 2, Civil War


The Love of Liberty video series focusing on African Americans in the Civil War.

Civil War Resources

The Civil War

Shmoop study guide for this topic in American history.

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Major American Civil War Battles 1861-1863

Outline of major American Civil War battles and incidents from 1861-1863.

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Civil War media set


A variety of images related to the Civil War including various battles, images of slavery, famous people and speeches, and more.

These resources can be used to create projects in Word or PowerPoint; to make a movie or web page; or put in other multimedia works. Right-click each file and view properties to get credit and license info.

Open-licensed music available here: http://commoncore.wikispaces.com/music

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Civil War Lesson Plan

This lesson takes a look at the Civil War from multiple perspectives by interpreting the quotes of major figures involved in the war.

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