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The Science of Light Emitting Diodes

Light Emitting Diodes Unit Overview


The unit on Light Emitting Diodes is designed as a series of interdisciplinary, student-centered inquiries focused on the scientific properties related to light production within LED devices.  Emphasis is on student discovery and problem solving, and the lab activities, POGIL sessions and assessments are all specifically tooled around a varied student experience. The topics covered in this unit are spiraled and revisited throughout various activities so that deeper student understanding can be achieved. The unit places heavy emphasis on investigation through a current area of research in science and is STEM focused.

Scope of Unit

The following concepts are emphasized at various points throughout this unit:

 Content Area
 Chemistryatomic structure electromagnetic spectrum crystal structure properties of semiconductors
 Physicsproperties of electromagnetic waves conservation of energy electromagnetic spectrum electron - hole interaction electricity
 Engineeringsemiconductor doping solid state electronics extrinsic/intrinsic semiconductor materials* microscopy and physical limit


This unit is designed to take between two and three weeks and the content delivery is designed in a spiraled nature with students frequently revisiting topics of electromagnetic waves, material properties and energy throughout the course of the unit.

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