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Laurah Jurca
Laurah Jurca
(Laurel - United States)

<p>I currently serve as an ESOL Coach for my school district in Maryland. I work with both ESOL and mainstream teachers to help them improve the quality of their instruction for their English language learners. During my career, I have taught grades k-8,  ...

Tuck Everlasting Novel Study

Introduction of Tuck Everlasting Novel Study

Day 1: Questioning and QAR

Day 2: Question-Answer Relationships

Day 3: Question-Answer Relationships

Day 4: Tuck Everlasting Anticipatory Guide and Vocabulary Pretest

Day 5: Tuck Everlasting Week 1 Vocabulary, Packet Description and Prologue

Days 6-9: Tuck Everlasting Chapters 1-8

Day 10: Tuck Everlasting Week 1 Quiz and Character Study

Day 11: Tuck Everlasting Week 2 Vocabulary and Chapters 9-11

Days 12-14: Tuck Everlasting Chapters 12-17

Day 15: Tuck Everlasting Week 2 Quiz and Character Study

Day 16: Tuck Everlasting Week 3 Vocabulary and Chapters 18-20

Days 17-19: Tuck Everlasting Chapters 21-Epilogue

Day 20: Tuck Everlasting Week 3 Quiz and Character Study

Day 21: Tuck Everlasting Study Guide and Final Project

Day 22: Comprehension Review and Final Project Work

Day 23: Comprehension Assessment and Final Project Work

Day 24: Final Vocabulary Assessment and Project Work

Day 25: Final Project Presentations

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