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Jenna McWilliams
Jenna McWilliams
(Bloomington - United States)

I studied creative writing and published some poems. Then I decided to  get all up in education's grill. I'm currently a doctoral student in the Learning Sciences program at Indiana  University.
keywords: participatory culture, social media, education,  ...

The Sniper

The Sniper Guided Reading

"The Sniper" By Liam O'Flaherty

1. Draw a picture based on the description in the first paragraph. You may use the space below.

2. The second paragraph talks about civil war. What do you know about civil war?

3. What point of view is this story written in?

4. 'Whizzed' is a word that describes how the bullet sounded as it flew through the air. What are some other words that describe a sound?

5. What was the gray monster?

6. What do you think is an informer?

7. Did the sniper really think the noise would wake the dead? What does that saying mean?

8. Describe the time you were in the MOST physical pain in your life. What did you do to help you deal with the pain?

9. What does "morning must not find him wounded on the roof" mean?

10. If you were the sniper, what would your plan be?

11. 'Thud' is a word that describes the noise of a dead body hitting the ground. What other objects might make a 'thud' noise when they hit the ground?

12. How is the sniper feeling about what he just did?

13. Why did the sniper laugh?

14. What does this story have in common with "The Most Dangerous Game?"

The Sniper Vocabulary


enveloped -

beleaguered -

spasmodically -

ascetic -

fanatic -

drought -

parapet -

tattered -

turret -

silhouetted  -

lust -

remorse -

recoil -

reeling -

revolt -