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Jessika Richter
Jessika Richter
(Lund - Sweden)

The short and sweet: I have been a passionate teacher since 2001.  I first worked with the National Park Service in Washington (state), then moved to Australia where I completed my DipEd at the University of Melbourne and then taught at Hailebury  ...

"A Separate Peace" Ch. 10-13 Quiz Answer Key

A Separate Peace Chapters 10-13 Quiz Answer Key

Answer each question in phrases or sentences.  Each question is worth 2 points.

1.    Why does Gene want to think Leper has “escaped” the army?
He was being chased by spies

2.    What is the real reason for Leper’s escape?
He went crazy; was hallucinating; they were going to give him a Section Eight Discharge (mental reasons)

3.    Why does Finny say that he must accept that the war is real?
Only something that was real could make Leper crazy

4.    During the trial, who is brought in as a surprise witness?

5.    What does this witness say that he saw?
He saw someone shake the branch and another person fall out on the day of Finny’s accident

6.    When Finny rushes out of the assembly hall, what happens to him?
He falls down the marble stairs

7.    When he is in the infirmary, Finny explains to Gene the reason he has been denying the war’s existence.  What is his reason?
No one would let him into the military with his broken leg

8.    When Gene returns to check on Finny’s condition, what has happened to Finny?
He has died

9.    What caused this?
His bone marrow leaks into his bloodstream and poisons him

10.    What does Brinker’s father think of Gene and Brinker’s plans to join the military?
He thinks they should be in combat, not just in the Coast Guard