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Julius Caesar Act IV Study Guide Worksheet Answer Key

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Julius Caesar Act IV Study Guide



1.  nimbleness (n) lightness, speed in movement


2.  contaminate (v)  to make impure; to pollute


3. bait (v)  to torment or tease


4.  chastisement (n)  punishment, scolding, reprimand


5.  choleric (adj)  irritable, short-tempered


6.  covetous (adj)  greedy


7.  rash (adj)  reckless, incautious


8.  repose (n)  sleep, rest


9.  apparition (n )  a strange figure or vision, a ghost


10.  overbearing (adj)  bossy, domineering



1. What is a triumvirate? Who is in the triumvirate in Act IV?

a group of 3 that leads

Antony, Octavius, Lepidus


2.  What plans is the triumvirate making in Scene 1?

Deciding whom they should kill (suspected conspirators and enemies of the state)



3.  How will Antony make sure that he will not take the blame for unpopular decisions?

He will blame Lepidus because he thinks that Lepidus is not good for much else



4.  Why is Cassius upset with Brutus in Scene 3?

Brutus has punished one of Cassius’ soldiers for taking bribes after Cassius stuck up for his soldier




5.  What does Brutus accuse Cassius of doing in Scene 3?

Accepting bribes himself


6.  How does Portia die?  How does Brutus respond to her death?

She swallows a hot coal

Brutus does not react strongly.  He says that he does not have time to mourn



7.  Why does Cassius suggest that their army stay where they are?

He thinks that Antony and Octavius’ armies will wear themselves hunting for Brutus and Cassius.  Meanwhile, their armies will remain strong and will be able to overpower Antony and Octavius when they do attack


8.  Why does Antony suggest that the army go to Greece and fight Antony there?

He says that they are currently at their full force and will not become any stronger.  Antony and Octavius will only gain more soldiers. Brutus and Cassius should attack when they are at their peak.


9.  Who wins the disagreement? Brutus


10.  What does the ghost say to Brutus?

I will see you at Philippi


11.  Why do you think Shakespeare had the ghost appear in this scene?

Foreshadowing, and to add a dark, ominous mood




12.  Think back to the first three acts.  How has your opinion of different characters changed in Act IV?



Before I thought that he was…

Now I think that he is…