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Laurah Jurca
Laurah Jurca
(Laurel - United States)

<p>I currently serve as an ESOL Coach for my school district in Maryland. I work with both ESOL and mainstream teachers to help them improve the quality of their instruction for their English language learners. During my career, I have taught grades k-8,  ...

Cooking Lab - Fractions for Culinary Arts

Group Work,Homework, Take-Home Quiz

Time Required: 30 minutes


Students will be able to use appropriate unit conversion factors.

Students will be able to compare quantities.

This activity is intended to serve two purposes:

  • Strengthen students' fraction skill base.
  • Strengthen students' dimensional analysis skill base.
In most Pre-algebra classes unit conversion comes toward the end of the course and is taught in the context of ratios and proportions. This lab does not rely on any knowledge of proportions; it is done completely using the dimensional analysis method illustrated in the example.


  • Arithmetic operations with fractions
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Familiarity with standard and metric units of measure (the actual conversions needed are given in the lab).
Description: Students will make the necessary conversions using basic equivalency tables for standard measurements used in cooking. The problems in this activity are from the San Diego Mesa College Culinary Arts department and are examples of real world situations.

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