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Jessika Richter
Jessika Richter
(Lund - Sweden)

The short and sweet: I have been a passionate teacher since 2001.  I first worked with the National Park Service in Washington (state), then moved to Australia where I completed my DipEd at the University of Melbourne and then taught at Hailebury  ...

Summer of Content 2010

Thanks for your interest in Curriki's Summer of Content. The application period has closed for this year. We encourage you to apply next year, or to consider donating your content to Curriki.

2010 Program Guidelines

For the third annual Summer of Content effort, Curriki solicited premium content for Grades 6–12 in science, technology, and math, and for content in ELL / ESL for all grades.

This year, the Summer of Content Awards have been granted to student-focused units which include support material for teachers. In other words, we are looking for activities, webquests, worksheets, quizzes, and games that will engage students and help make Curriki a destination for students as well as teachers.

The deadline for applications has closed. Please check back soon for the announcement of this year's award winners.

Download the Program Guidelines (PDF)

Funding Qualifications

To qualify for funding, projects must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide or develop comprehensive resources for a substantial unit of study
  • Use best practices in pedagogy and instructional design
  • Develop or post open source curriculum in an area of need
  • Deliver all content resources so they may be used and developed further by the Curriki community

Content will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Technical Completeness – Are all necessary parts of the resource provided? Are activities fully and clearly explained? Has adequate Curriki metadata been applied?
  • Content Accuracy – Is the subject matter presented consistent with expert consensus in the field? Does a spot-check reveal any errors in assessment items or answer keys?
  • Appropriate Pedagogy – Are the learning activities well-chosen for the stated objectives, subject, and educational level? Does the learning resource use appropriate vocabulary and sequencing, clear explanations, and recognized best practices in instructional design? Are assessments carefully aligned to objectives and learning activities?

View an example of a 2009 Summer of Content resource

One 3-4 week unit of content will be awarded $500. All funded content will be licensed to Curriki and will be attributed to the creator.

Past SOC Grantees

Teachers provided or developed comprehensive resources for substantial units of study — for example, a sequenced collection of all necessary components for a unit of middle school science, or a semester of middle school ELA. The final work included a scope and sequence or table of contents, organized lessons with objectives, handouts for students, and assessments. Strongest proposals included the plan to include video footage of a master teacher showing best practices for teaching the materials.

In 2009, we received a record number of applications. From that pool, we selected nineteen grantees. Click here to check out the outstanding work of the 2009 Summer of Content grantees.