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Laurah Jurca
Laurah Jurca
(Laurel - United States)

<p>I currently serve as an ESOL Coach for my school district in Maryland. I work with both ESOL and mainstream teachers to help them improve the quality of their instruction for their English language learners. During my career, I have taught grades k-8,  ...

Partner: TeachUNICEF

TeachUNICEF, a global education resources created by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, provides educators with tools to create an exciting, interesting classroom experience which will engage students in meaningful exploration of important social, economic, and international topics.

With TeachUNICEF, educators have access to a diverse portfolio of teaching units, each of which focuses on a global issue affecting millions of children and families ever day. TeachUNICEF materials are linked to national standards and are interdisciplinary. The resources are based on UNICEF’s annual flagship report, The State of the World’s Children. Teaching tools include background information, child stories, rich data, multimedia, service tips, and extension activities.

To learn more about TeachUNICEF and to download free classroom resources, please visit www.teachunicef.org.

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Water and Sanitation for All

This collection, Water and Sanitation for All, consists of elementary, middle, and high school units. Individual lesson plans have also been included. The resources in this collection have been designed to raise students' awareness of the problems facing children around the world with inadequate access to clean water and adequate sanitation facilities.

Child Survival: A Global Challenge

Welcome to Child Survival: A Global Challenge, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s first ever Youth Report dedicated to the issues addressed in UNICEF’s flagship publication The State of the World’s Children report. Utilizing 60 years of expertise in issues addressing child survival, the Youth Report and accompanying interdisciplinary standards-based middle and high school educator guides bring global affairs to today’s classroom.

Maternal and Newborn Health: A Global Challenge

Maternal and Newborn Health: A Global Challenge is the second in a series of youth reports with accompanying educator resources which addresses the global challenges highlighted in UNICEF’s flagship report, the State of the World’s Children.