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Jenna McWilliams
Jenna McWilliams
(Bloomington - United States)

I studied creative writing and published some poems. Then I decided to  get all up in education's grill. I'm currently a doctoral student in the Learning Sciences program at Indiana  University.
keywords: participatory culture, social media, education,  ...

Appalachian Watershed Curricula Project

Appalachian Watershed Curricula Project

The Appalachian Watershed Curriculum Project is a Curriki group for educational resources tailored to the Appalachian Mountain watersheds. This is an open group for curriculum development and we welcome the formal, pre-service, retired, and outreach educators in Appalachia.


AWCPSiteCurriki120x80.png  Please visit the AWCP Support Site to conveniently access multiple resource search engines, Quick Reference Guides to inspire others to participate in this project, and more curriculum development resources.

Project Partners

The Mountain Institute

Mountains sustain life on earth. In a world facing unprecedented change, The Mountain Institute is committed to protecting its mountains. Through empowering mountain communities and conserving mountain ecosystems, TMI ensures that mountains will continue to provide the essential resources - natural, cultural and inspirational -- needed for mankind's survival on a healthy planet.

The Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team

Founded in response to requests from watershed groups throughout coal country, the work of the Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team (ACCWT) supports a growing movement that is quietly bringing new strength and new hope to the Appalachian region. The Watershed Team arms community organizations and watershed-based projects with the training, tools, and volunteer support necessary to help local citizens become effective environmental stewards, community leaders, and accelerators of change in places indelibly marked by the environmental legacy of pre-regulatory coal mining. Together, the Team and its local partners are propelling a new Appalachian economy based on conservation and development, strong partnerships, and new hope.

Recent Group Activity

Jan-15-2014 - 02:42 PM PST The document "Discussions" has been created
Nov-13-2012 - 12:43 PM PST Curriculum resource edited – "Appalachian Watersheds and Language Arts" by Sandy Gade
Nov-13-2012 - 12:38 PM PST Curriculum resource edited – "Wetlands Reading List Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12" by Sandy Gade
Nov-13-2012 - 12:36 PM PST Curriculum resource edited – "Appalachian Watershed Geography" by Sandy Gade
Nov-13-2012 - 12:36 PM PST Curriculum resource edited – "Appalachian Watershed Geography" by Sandy Gade

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