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Laurah Jurca
Laurah Jurca
(Laurel - United States)

<p>I currently serve as an ESOL Coach for my school district in Maryland. I work with both ESOL and mainstream teachers to help them improve the quality of their instruction for their English language learners. During my career, I have taught grades k-8,  ...

NSDL Developmental Math Collection

About Group Curriculum

From this page you can access all the resources contained in the National Science Digital Library's (NSDL) Developmental Mathematics Collection (DMC). Classroom activities and lesson plans areĀ  divided into four courses (Basic Math, Pre Algebra, Beginning Algbera, and Intermediate Algebra), however resources from one course may be appropriate in a different course. Click on one of the courses below under "Group Collections" to view the corresponding resources. You may also use the search box below to search our entire archive (Note: the search box above will search all of curriki and not just the DMC).

Feel free to use, adapt, or pass on any of these resources to your colleagues. We do ask that after using a resource, you return here and provide feedback and commentary about the resource and its implementation in your classroom.

Questions, Comments? Email us at: brhodehamel@projects.sdsu.edu

Group Collections

Here you can find any collections from the group.
Basic Math
Classroom activities and lesson plans for Basic Math
Pre Algebra
Classroom activities and lesson plans for Pre Algebra
Beginning Algebra
Classroom activities and lesson plans for Beginning Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
Classroom activities and lesson plans for Intermediate Algebra
Test collection
Test collection
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