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Curriki brings you the tools to create interactive learning content like never before. Try our complete turn-key solution for building, delivering, and maintaining your interactive content.

Educators and Individuals

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Curriki. Building the Future of Education with Free and Open Tools.

Our non-profit mission is to bring interactive technologies to everyone to support Active Learning for all. 

Your Content. Activated.

Curriki is changing the way the world creates and interacts with learning content. With CurrikiStudio we place the tools you need to build great interactive experiences at your fingertips.

Design once. Publish anywhere.

Our publishing system takes the hard work out of connecting your content with the rest of the world. Publish your CurrikiStudio  projects directly to your website and many LMSs.

Transform Your Curriculum into Engaging Digital Learning

Convert existing curriculum from static lessons to active, digital learning experiences or create digital learning experiences from scratch. Whatever works for you.​

CurrikiStudio combines all the essential mobile-first activities in one easy-to-use solution so you can transform your learning content into engaging digital learning. Build learning experiences with interactive multimedia, images, games, virtual tours, and simulations and then publish to your learners.


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Who Uses CurrikiStudio?

K-12 Instruction

Make every lesson interactive with CurrikiStudio.

Your lessons can become interactive learning experiences ready for remote learning by converting and enhancing traditional classroom material. Take your video lesson and make it interactive by inserting checks for understanding throughout. Create differentiation paths for students that engage every learner.

higher education

Transform lecture-based online learning into interactive courses.

Transform lectures, case studies, and assessments into interactive course activities. Add multiple interactions into your slide presentations and videos, create visual study tools, and create opportunities for deeper conceptual understanding. It takes just a few minutes to go from a one-to-many class to a distance learning experience that engages. 

Nonprofits and Community Organizations 

Activate your curriculum in minutes.

Does your nonprofit or community organization have learning content and activities that you would like to transform into immersive learning experiences? Let us help you activate your content so it meets the needs of the 21st-century learner.

Business and Industry

Deliver effective learning at scale

From corporate training to CSR giving, CurrikiStudio supports your objectives. Transforming corporate training into self-guided assets that meet the needs of a distributed workforce has never been easier with CurrikiStudio. Corporate philanthropy groups impacting education and aiming to develop our future workforce can build content that will inspire young learners to explore careers in your industry.


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Partners & Supporters

Curriki’s supporters and partners are some of the world’s leading technology companies and foundations.

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