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Add multiple interactions to any video

This Interactive Video demonstrates some of the key features. You can add many different types of questions and informational resources. Interactions may or may not pause the video when they appear. They may appear directly or as a button that users can choose to click to reveal the resource. Questions may be adaptive in the sense that the user’s answer determines where the user is sent after the answer is provided.


Stack multiple interactions in a column layout

Organize your content type into a column layout with H5P Column. Content types that address similar material or share a common theme can now be grouped together to create a coherent learning experience. In addtion, authors are free to be creative by combining almost all of the existing H5P content types.


Create courses, books or tests

A free content type for creating interactive books. It allows users to put together large amounts of interactive content like interactive videos, questions, course presentations and more on multiple pages.


Add multiple interactions into a slide presentation.

Here we demonstrate that you can add many different types of questions to a presentation. We’ve also included different backgrounds, images, and a video. There are also images you can click on to jump to new slides.


Create an assessment with multiple question types.

Question Set is your typical quiz content type. It allows the learner to solve a sequence of various question types. You can combine many different question types like Multichoice, Drag and drop and Fill in the blanks in a Question set.

Interactive Video

Column Layout

Interactive Book

Course Presentation


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