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Curriki is launching a transformational platform for creating and publishing elearning content.

Curriki is launching tools for content authors to build immersive learning experiences that meet the needs of the K-12 21st century learner.

Produce Interactive eLearning at Scale:

Quickly create and customize beautiful interactive experiences that work seamlessly on mobile and in most learning environments.

  • 30+ interactive learning experiences to bring content to life

  • Intuitive, guided workflow for a wide-range of content authors

  • Built-in integrations that support one-click publishing

CurrikiStudio is a rich and intuitive rapid authoring tool that allows content authors to easily build Interactive content for today’s K-12 learners. Immersive Learning in Minutes! No Coding Required!

Our publishing system includes a run-time environment that takes the hard work out of connecting your immersive content with the rest of the world. Publish your content directly to: Custom micro websites, Moodle, Canvas, Sakai, Google Classroom, edX, Coursera, and many other LMSs and CMSs.

Looking for the Curriki Library?

Our resource library has not gone away. We moved it to to make room for our new and exciting authoring tools.

Help Support Curriki

With the support of people like you, Curriki has touched the lives of countless students, educators and parents around the world. Please join us in supporting Curriki’s mission to eliminate the educational divide for all children.

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