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Civicate Transforms Civics Videos Into Interactive Learning Experience

High school senior Katie Sandhu created a series of animated civics videos because her work with middle school students highlighted the need for civic education in schools. Through CurrikiStudio, her animated videos now include learning interactions that compel students to become active participants in their learning. Join us to see how these interactive videos allow students to engage with civics concepts at a deeper level. 

Using CurrikiStudio Interactions to Inspire Curiosity and Critical Thinking

Bert Bower, TCI’s CEO, has been at the forefront of active learning for over 30 years. The social studies and science curriculum resources and programs he’s developed get students out of their seats, actively and purposefully engaged in discovering content, and asking questions. Bert is now building active learning experiences with CurrikiStudio like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The projects he will share are highly immersive, visual, interactive, incorporate audio and video. Bert’s CurrikiStudio creations go beyond the base of Bloom’s Taxonomy (Remember and Understand) to the top (Analyze, Evaluate, and Create). 

Dialogue Cards vs. Flash Cards

People often ask, what’s the difference between Dialog Cards and Flashcards. Find out in this webinar! Follow along with Caroline to learn all about how to build your own Dialog Cards and Flashcards.


Hotspots are HOT! 

In this session, you will see examples of Hotspots created by users and Curriki’s Instructional Designers as well as a step by step demonstration of how to design your own Hotspots to images that reveal text, images, or videos when clicked.

Creating Learning Activities with Drag and Drop 

There are infinite ways to apply the Drag and Drop activity. We will demonstrate how to build using Drag and Drop, and share examples of activities we love. You’ll see how to provide feedback to your learners, how to create and add images, select drop zones, define behavioral settings, and more.

Making Interactive Videos that Engage Like Never Before  

In this session, Instructional Designer, Caroline Benoist will guide us through how to make any video interactive, recommend best practices for engaging students with interactive video, and showcase some outstanding interactive videos for inspiration. You’ll learn how to transform your videos from a passive experience to an interactive one for your learners.

How to Create Interactive Experiences to Excite, Engage, and Inspire Your Students

Publishing Interactive Content with CurrikiGo

Designing Immersive Learning Experiences for Today’s Learner


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