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Winter break is approaching and it’s the perfect time for you to finally take a breath and evaluate how your instruction has been the past semester. Blended learning or full virtual instruction was implemented trial by fire. Now that you have the first half of the school year under your belt, are you ready to make your distance learning most authentic to you and your personal teaching approach

We have a super easy way for you to do this.

CurrikiStudio: Your learning content…activated

This year we launched CurrikiStudio, the first FREE and open digital learning authoring platform for educators. Create a free account and you’ll have a full design platform to create interactive video, presentations, interactive assessments, drag and drop activities and more. All of the 50+ interactive learning types you can customize require only one thing-your imagination. No coding necessary. See our overview of using CurrikiStudio for immersive learning.

Here is our guide for you to take everything you did the first semester and make your instruction easier and engaging for students.

Turn what you have into active digital learning

Have you been uploading PDFs, Word docs, videos and images for students to simply view and read? Ensure students are engaging by making them interactive. Have great worksheets, but can’t have students complete them virtually with ease? Copy and paste the contents into the many fun interactive games and activities in our learning library including drag and drop activities and flash cards. Watch how.

Make “Interactive” Videos

Videos are heavily part of every teacher’s online teaching toolbox. At this point your students may be tired of watching videos and taking notes. You can take your videos and make them interactive with embedded question stopping points, games, images, labels, drag and drop activities, hyperlinks, and more. Watching a video can now become an adventure where students can dive deeper, get scaffolded instruction, and check for their own understanding. See how.

Gamify with Drag and Drop Activities 

Students love the challenge of an online game. A simple way to give students instructional practice that seems like a game is to create drag and drop activities. Use visual images and/or text to have students label, discover relationships, and make connections with the content. Here are examples and instructions on making these fun activities.

Embed “Click for More” Options 

Throughout your distance learning content, CurrikiStudio makes it easy to add clickable hotspots to images, documents, presentations, and more. By adding these options, students will know they can click for definitions, answers, hints, thought prompts, and even links to more learning. Here are several ways hotspots can be used to engage learners.

Make Digital Flip Cards on Steroids

No need to scour the internet for hours for flash cards that you need. You can customize our flash cards and dialog cards in minutes to include EXACT content that you are teaching or that students need reinforcement. But CurrikiStudio cards are more than just flip cards, students can type in their own answers, play in repetition mode and more. See how.

Any of these recommendations, whether you start with one or integrate all into your instruction will make digital learning more powerful. Activities designed in CurrikiStudio currently publish easily to Google Classroom, Moodle, and Canvas. More learning management system compatibility is on the way. Get your FREE CurrikiStudio account and start working smarter and not harder!