Students and Faculty Testimonials

     When I first learned that Raul Deju was involved with Curriki I thought, “these students have no idea how lucky they are”. Having been involved as a faculty member with the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership –a venture that Raul championed–for over 10 years I saw first-hand what a gifted educator he truly is. More importantly, he is an amazing human being. Everything he touches is a home run. I am confident that will prove true for Curriki’s students.

Bill Wiersma

Principal, Wiersma & Associates Author of The Power of Professionalism, Finalist for Soundview Executive Book Summaries Book of the Year (2011) - Faculty, Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership Walnut Creek, CA

     Being taught under the guidance of Dr. Deju was a life-changing moment for me in my MBA program. He brings real-world success from industry to the classroom in the form of practical lessons taught to ambitious entrepreneurs. We had even worked on a business plan for an internet gaming company based on my passion for internet marketing. Though the business plan never took off, I ended up becoming a successful multi six-figure online business owner. I give many thanks to Dr. Deju’s expertise taught in my prior years as his student and would love the opportunity to partner with him again on future endeavors.

Jacob Rothenberg

Owner, Rothenberg Blockchain Assets LLC Las Vegas, NV

     All strong buildings have strong foundations.  A strong business is no different. Whether you are starting a new division at your company or launching a startup, many issues are similar. The Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership (IEL) led by Dr. Raul Deju and now being put into an online form in Curriki gives students the cornerstones for building successful businesses. From idea to go-to-market, and everything in between and after, Dr. Deju equips entrepreneurs with the tooling required for building a business.  Since graduating from IEL, I have started and successfully exited two enterprise businesses, and built a new division of a company that paved the way for the company’s current successful acquisition program. In each business, I successfully implemented the ideas and skills I learned from Dr. Deju and IEL.

John Sanchez

Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA

     I had the pleasure of being the beneficiary of the teachings of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership in 2013 when it was under the leadership of Dr. Raul Deju. Not only do I credit Dr. Deju’s teachings and overall strategies with my continued success in my professional life, but I also credit his sage advice for challenging me to achieve more and strive for more sophisticated assignments in all areas of my professional and personal passions. Dr. Deju is a powerhouse in the business industry and I never would think to turn down an opportunity to learn more from his years of experience. The knowledge he has and the way he presents it is priceless.

Summer C. Selleck

Attorney, Principal Selleck Law

     I had the opportunity to attend a program for Disabled Veterans on Entrepreneurship sponsored by AT&T and run by Dr. Raul Deju at the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership in 2013. Even though I already had an MBA I found the course and program invaluable. It was the right mix of tactical tools and practical techniques along with helping us to think more strategically. At the time, my company was 5 years old, and I was fortunate to have Dr. Deju as my mentor as well.  He shared his insights, advice, and expertise to help me “reimagine” what my company could be. Between the incredibly rich class content and business coaching sessions, I was able to create a new vision for my company to take advantage of our full capabilities and potential.  The company has tripled revenues in about 7 years since, and I consider that program and Dr. Deju instrumental to that success.

Tom Deierlein

CEO, ThunderCat Technology (Veteran) Reston, VA (named in 2020 to the Washington’s Technology Top 100 (#63)