Join us in building the next generation of tools that support free and open education.

Curriki supports open source technologists dedicated to creating next-generation learning experiences.

Build highly interactive education projects with the world’s first open source toolkit. Quickly prototype interactive learning experiences or build your entire app with our connector code, authoring tool, and component library.

Our Toolkit

Component Library

As a developer, you can take our technology and specialize in building extraordinary, high-value learning experiences. Connect instantly with a network of content authors and fellow developers that are using our tools, and start collaborating and contributing right away!  We are always looking for the next great and imaginative learning activity to add to our library, and to improve our authoring tool’s feature set. Whether your comfort zone is in back-end and API development, or front-end and design, we have a home for you.

Full Package

If working with the “nuts and bolts” is your passion, the full CurrikiGo package includes the source code to all of the components and available interactive activity plug-ins, our run-time libraries and API, and a reference client application – all ready for you to install and “Go”. Our full package also includes access to a robust resource library, and an option to index your users’ resources on our open learning repository. The entire system is free and open and can be cloned locally, on a server, or on a cloud infrastructure using docker.

Connector Code

Education systems are notoriously fragmented. While the industry has a set of standards like the Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI), there is no way to create once and publish everywhere. As a developer, you will have access to the source code that facilitates connecting to, and publishing into the leading Learning Management Systems (LMSs). Why should educators and learners struggle to find and use your creation?

“Building an edtech company was incredibly challenging because everything felt like it was from scratch. We spent 40% of our roadmap on elements that weren’t our core competencies. I wish my team had open source tools to pull from to make it easier. “

— Former Chief Product Officer at ThinkCERCA

Why Work With Us?

Contribute And Give Back

Build what you envision the future of learning should be. Imagine a school where you can engage in VR to explore future careers, do a video chat with a CEO of a tech company, or join a multi-player game of calculus. Curriki’s network of Creators are counting on contributions of new interactive learning experiences from developers like you.

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