Frequently Asked Questionssss

What is/isn’t CurrikiStudio?

We think it’s critically important to be the best at what we do in order to offer the most value to our customers – and that’s why we have a laser focus on two primary and connected solutions (1) Digital Content Authoring, and (2) Digital Content Publishing. In short … users leverage CurrikiStudio to design, customize and publish content and then mobilize that content by publishing to a desired LMS, CMS, and/or website to activate learning. It’s that simple, yet that powerful.

Curriki is not an LMS – those tools are powerfully complex and effective, and we leverage our solution to complement and supplement that capability (i.e., we empower users to build the content to deliver IN the respective LMS platforms). Nor are we a ‘content’ provider – we enable users to customize and personalize content – whether it be user created or licensed from sources allowing such, but we do not provide a ready-made store of resources. We encourage collaboration and sharing across entities where possible, but we leave the actual content to the experts – our users!