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Turning Science Fiction to Reality: 5G is a New Industrial Revolution

Turning Science Fiction to Reality: 5G is a New Industrial Revolution

A few weeks ago, I discussed 5G in an article entitled “5G is the Greatest Infrastructure Project in US History”. The adjective “greatest” was not used idly as I believe that 5G is the enabler of what many now call the “Second Machine Age” or the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

As noted in a World Economic Forum article as part of the 2018 meeting by Don Rosenberg, Executive Vice-President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Qualcomm, “5G is the technological answer, making possible billions of new connections, and making those connections secure and instantaneous. 5G will impact every industry – autos, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, emergency services, just to name a few. And 5G is purposely designed so that these industries can take advantage of cellular connectivity in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before, and to scale upwards as use of 5G expands.”

5G will impact everyone, but particularly it will be revolutionary in six fields as pointed out in a recent Morgan Stanley Research article (“The Second Machine Age Hits the Tipping Point”). The six fields are: (1) artificial intelligence software, (2) autonomous vehicles, (3) the Internet of Things (IOT), (4) industrial software, (5) robotics, and (6) semiconductors. Ben Uglow, Head of European Capital Goods Equity Research at Morgan Stanley, actually referenced the Fourth Industrial Revolution and sees 5G and all its connected robotics and industrial software as “breathtaking”, adding “This is not a vague concept that may happen one day in a hypothetical world. It is very much here and now, as real dollars are being committed, with tangible benefits in efficiency and productivity.” By 2025 the six technology areas mentioned above are expected to grow from $738 billion dollars to $2.2 trillion, certainly making the 5G investment very worthwhile, almost in an instant.

5G is not just about us humans talking to each other, it is about connecting machines. It is about machine learning. It is truly a new world. We are turning science fiction into reality.

Economists estimate the global economic impact of 5G will exceed $12 trillion dollars in the next 15 years as 5G connects people to everything, and connects machines to people as well as to other machines. This will create an exponential level of new learning. It truly will be an Industrial Revolution of unequaled scale, thus my categorization of 5G as the Greatest Infrastructure Project in US History. I might add it will truly be an economic revolution for the world.

 As an eternal optimist who is fascinated at what humanity can accomplish, I am happy to be alive at a time of such global transformation. 5G is creating a marvelous new range of job opportunities for the youth of today and tomorrow. It’s also a phenomenal step forward as we harness the ability to make machines help us with monumental discoveries, and thus make the lives of all humans much better. We should not be scared of 5G but instead harness its power for the good of humanity and turn science fiction into reality.

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