Entrepreneurship Course Overview

Course Overview

Over the past decade, Dr. Deju and his colleagues developed and taught The Entrepreneurship Program that is migrating to the Curriki platform with initial support from Chevron, and AT&T. Support also came from the Deju Trust, which aims to serve disabled and minority student entrepreneurs with emphasis on former members of the military.

Today, over 100 of the original students of the entrepreneurship programs supported by Dr. Deju own companies with significant annual revenue (>$10million/year), and two of those companies recently recorded annual revenue exceeding $500 million a year.

This class is designed for those of you that feel that you want to build an enterprise that will make the world a better place and financially reward you and your team. You must recognize the direction the world is moving and how society is continually evolving because this will help you frame your enterprise.

Dr. Raul Deju

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This class is broken down into individual modules each covering an important area of your road to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Each module covers the subject with a lecture by Dr. Deju supplemented with video material including the words of many entrepreneurs that have been successful in their ventures and even turned them into multibillion-dollar enterprises we all know today. As you watch the lecture you will see some questions that you can interactively answer to make sure you are capturing the essence of the lecture materials. You will also find some material for you to reflect on your ideas and write down material for further consideration. You will also have an opportunity to test run your “elevator pitch” to potential investors. Finally, you will find some relevant material by others that supplement and clarify significant points in each lecture.

In the end, you will see a Quiz for the specific topic being covered, and you will have a way to send the material you have produced to your own e-mail or if you are taking this class with a professor to his/her e-mail.

Here is the layout of the program:

Module 1 Building Your Company: What Matters Now – How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition and Unstoppable Innovation – How to Become a “Principled Entrepreneur”.

Module 2 A New Company Needs a Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant.

Module 3 Anatomy of a Business Plan: The Step-by-Step Process for Building a Credible and Defensible Business Plan.

Module 4 How you Can Assemble your Management Team.

Module 5 Creating Product Excellence.

Module 6 Developing Service Excellence.

Module 7 Developing a Financial Plan.

Module 8 Getting the Money: Securing Debt or Equity.

Once you complete the modules you may want to watch parts of prior modules again or have some of your team members watch the material. Consider it your resource, your tools to success.

This class is intended to be used by entrepreneurs singly, as a group, or as part of a class. Good luck and much success.

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