Five Ways to Use Digital Learning in Homeschooling

CurrikiStudio is a flexible platform for designing distance learning for any format, from traditional brick-and-mortar schools to homeschooling. In 2019, 2.5 million children in the United States were homeschooled. That number has been climbing year after year. Homeschooling is known for its flexibility and customization to student and family needs.  Because CurrikiStudio is intended to provide the creative tools for educators to customize unique learning experiences for learners (for desktop and mobile) , it is the perfect compliment for at home learning. Here are five ways parents can use digital learning in homeschooling.

Provide Extension Activities

Sometimes children want additional opportunities to explore topics of study even further. Homeschool parents can use CurrikiStudio to extend their child’s learning by creating digital learning playlists full of curated content both within and outside a curriculum. Over 50 interactive activities can be customized and inserted into the playlists to engage the child’s interest even further. The child can choose from a variety of activities created by the parent to explore when they have down time or during instruction.

Design Relearning and Reteaching

Similar to extension activities, parents can create playlists customized to support learning when their child may be struggling with specific concepts. They can create interactive videos on specific topics that have multiple choice questions and drag and drop activities embedded within the video. Mini-course presentations for the child can be navigated to rehearse and review information. Differentiated pathways and branching scenarios for students help them self-check their understanding as they learn.

Build An Independent Study Together With the Child

Parents may find that their child can benefit from independently exploring a topic of their choice. In this case, parents can create a project in CurrikiStudio that includes playlists of selected goals and activities. Playlists can include curated content and probing questions to explore. As the child’s interest expands throughout the study, parents can tailor the project and continue to add additional activities. At the end of the study, you’ll have a completed portfolio of the child’s exploration.

Give Assessment Practice

CurrikiStudio has a variety of tools (both formal and informal) that parents can use to design assessments. From single choice answers, multiple choice, fill in the blank, mark the words, and more, parents can also customize practice tests to help the child prepare for required assessments by the state.

Communicate with Homeschooling Co-Ops

Homeschooling parents may work together with other parents to create co-ops for learning. CurrikiStudio can be used to create a joint and collaborative digital learning space for co-ops to complete learning activities when they are together and when they are at their respective homes. Playlists can also serve as a communication board for the co-op group. Co-op leaders can use playlists to communicate announcements, activities, schedules, study tools, student progress, and notes of encouragement to students in their co-op. Even more helpful, learning experiences designed for the co-ops in CurrikiStudio can be shared with other homeschooling parents as needed. Once the parent creates projects and playlists in CurrikiStudio, they can be deployed to the necessary learners through publishing on a learning management system like Google Classroom, Moodle, and Canvas.

Get Started With CurrikiStudio and Put Digital Learning in Homeschooling

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