Four Ways to Use Digital Learning in Professional Development

Online and mobile options are increasingly becoming a convenient and effective format for delivering professional development and training for adult learners. CurrikiStudio is an excellent tool to design custom staff training. Here are four ways CurrikiStudio can be a benefit for adult training needs whether in online, hybrid, or face-to-face formats.

Design Custom and Personalized Training

Assessing needs and facilitating continuous development of employees is the foundation for learning and development. Workplaces may be in a situation where multiple pathways for training are needed to address learning needs and deficits. This is where CurrikiStudio is beneficial in designing custom online training tailored to meet job and individual employee needs. With ~50 interactive learning types, business owners and learning designers can create simulations, interactive multimedia, and assessments to ensure employees are sufficiently ready to complete needed job tasks effectively. 

Create Self-Paced Online Experiential Training 

Instructors can use CurrikiStudio to create full self-paced online courses that include modules with interactive activities. CurrikiStudio “Projects” provide the landscape to create the course and “Playlists” can serve as training modules and topics. (See Creating Learning Projects). Training can include the following to make it experiential rather than static learning:

Blended Learning to Supplement Face-to-Face Training

Digital learning can supplement traditional face-to-face training in multiple ways:

Preview of Training: CurrikiStudio Projects and Playlists can be used to present learners with materials prior to a face-to-face training session to preview learning content

Pre-Assessment: Create a quiz or preliminary interactive activity to gauge prior knowledge and skills

Training Support: Instructors can create engaging simulations and activities for learners to complete during a face-to-face training session. This way, the instructor is available to walk learners through a simulation and be available for questions and scaffolding. 

Post-Training Digital Resources 

Whether professional development is provided in a full online or full face-to-face setting, CurrikiStudio can be used to create a digital curation of resources for learners to refer to as they implement training in the workplace. Instructors can use CurrikiStudio to create quick reference cards, additional FAQs, step-by-step instructions that are interactive, job aids, decision workflows, and more using the ~50 learning multimedia interactives

Get Started With CurrikiStudio

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