Powering the creation of
the world’s most
immersive learning

Introducing the world’s first end to end, OPEN learning content authoring suite, CurrikiStudio.

Our Solution

By fostering development of open source learning experiences for content creators to build on,
we aren’t just making an effort. We are transforming an industry.

A rapid authoring tool that allows content creators to easily build Interactive content for today’s learners.
No coding required!

Smart publishing system that removes the barriers of connecting your immersive content with your learners. Publish to custom micro-sites and LMSs in one step.


Changing the way learning experiences are designed, created, and delivered to a new generation of learners

Curriki is enabling content authors to transform how they create for and reach the students of today, providing the tools to build immersive learning experiences that meet the needs of the 21st century learner.

  • 40+ interactive technology widgets to bring content to life

  • Intuitive, guided workflow for a wide-range of users

  • Embedded integration process to ensure a one-click publishing

Learning Interactions


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CurrikiGo makes publishing your interactive content courses, playlists, and modules to widely used learning management systems as well as your own custom platform.

LTI & Other Integrations

Publish your immersive learning content to most modern learning management systems (LMSs) quickly and without the traditional hassle.


Google Classroom





Sakai LMS

And many more


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Birdies for Education was created in 2019 by PGA TOUR player Maverick McNealy to raise funds for education non-profit, Curriki.org.

Giving back. It’s what drives me to play my best game every time. Every kid deserves a solid, high-quality education and my fundraising campaign supports Curriki.org, a non-profit organization that is completely focused on making sure kids have opportunity to go anywhere and do anything they want in life. Even the PGA Tour.

In 2020, I am joined by fellow Stanford Alum, Brandon Wu.

Looking for the Curriki Library?

Our resource library has not gone away. We moved it to https://library.curriki.org to make room for our new and exciting authoring tools.

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