Powering the creation of the world’s most
immersive learning

Changing the way
learning experiences are
designed, created, and
delivered to a new
generation of learners

Curriki is enabling content authors to transform how they create for and reach the students of today, providing the tools to build immersive learning experiences that meet the needs of the 21st century learner.

  • 30+ interactive technology widgets to bring content to life

  • Intuitive, guided workflow for a wide-range of users

  • Embedded integration process to ensure a one-click publishing


CurrikiStudio is a rich and intuitive rapid authoring tool that allows content creators to easily build Interactive Content for today’s K-12 learners.

Immersive Learning in Minutes!

No Coding Required!

Learning Interactions

Interactive Video

Create videos enriched with interactions.


Create a timeline of events with multimedia.

Drag and Drop

Create drag and drop tasks with images

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