A Letter from our Founder, Scott McNealy


I have long had a deep passion for bringing better learning experiences to the world via technology. As we know, one of the significant challenges caused by COVID is remotely teaching our kids. We had an inadequate model before, and now it is even more pressing to provide solutions to better support the learning experience with technology. New technology.


We know that there is so much to be fixed right now.  Nothing in my mind is more important than getting our kids excited about engaging in a quality educational experience and giving educators the tools to meet this need, especially given the likelihood of long term remote/hybrid learning situations. I believe Curriki has resolved a major deficiency with our new products, CurrikiStudio and CurrkiGo.


We have been working on this challenge for a long time and COVID-19 has only made our efforts more urgent. In June, www.curriki.org launched two open-source projects, CurrikiStudio and CurrikiGo, that address critical needs in the creation of modern, purpose-built distance learning content. By bringing unprecedented Free technology access and simplicity to authoring and publishing, we are opening up a new world of possibility for student engagement.

The Opportunity

The realities of remote learning have created numerous challenges for parents, teachers, and most of all the students. There is deep frustration with the lack of resources and experiences that match an in-person lesson, and more importantly, we are losing millions of kids that are not able to engage in learning that they need to not only excel but survive. We absolutely need more, better content to engage self-directed learning.


Curriki has the technology to help solve this issue by drastically reducing technical and financial barriers, increasing participation in the development of and access to next-gen learning experiences. We are proud to announce CurrikiStudio, the first free and open, interactive learning content authoring solution, designed to accelerate and scale digital-first content development.


  • CurrikiStudio allows any non-technical user to quickly create active, digital learning experiences, via interactive video and voice, game experiences, simulations and more. We have live 40+ learning interactions to support immersive, mobile learning
  • CurrikiGo is an embedded technology that allows for one-button publishing to all of the major eLearning platforms currently accessed by students in k12 and Higher Education. We call it “create once, run anywhere”.
This is critical now more than ever, as there is no foreseeable return to the traditional classroom model as we know it. Curriki is a game-changer… and the best part is that it is open-source and completely FREE.



Please join us.
Scott McNealy, Co-founder
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