Curriki Launches CurrikiStudio to Fast-track Digital Content Authoring and Delivery for Distance Learning
By Caroline Benoist
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Open Source Pioneer Scott McNealy Backs Open Source for the Next Generation of Content Development

CUPERTINO, Calif., June 17, 2020—Curriki, the nonprofit that revolutionized the way digital learning content is distributed and openly shared, today announced the launch of CurrikiStudio, the first free and open, interactive, learning content authoring solution. Designed to accelerate and scale digital-first content development, CurrikiStudio makes every aspect of the process simpler, faster, and affordable, resulting in tools that will help more students learn more effectively.

CurrikiStudio provides technology tools and publishing standards so users can create experiences that are interactive, socially collaborative, competitive, and fun. Embedded within the CurrikiStudio authoring tool is CurrikiGo, a multi-site publishing environment that enables the delivery of digital content into learning platforms and content management tools via LTI® Advantage from the IMS Global Learning Consortium®. Content authors can create immersive learning modules, playlists, and courses, and will be able to get their content into the hands of learners with instant publishing to the most widely used learning management systems.

Features of CurrikiStudio include:

  • 40+ interactive technology widgets to bring content to life 
  • Intuitive, guided workflow for a wide range of users
  • Embedded integration process to ensure one-click publishing via CurrikiGo
  • Integration with IMS Global edtech interoperability standards – including LTI Advantage

“This transformative time brings the power of digital to the forefront of education, creating a tipping point for technology tools and content for learning. By bringing unprecedented technology access and simplicity to authoring and publishing, we are opening up a new world of possibility for student engagement,” said Curriki CEO, Keith Kostrzewski. “There has never been a more compelling and necessary time to disrupt and enhance content development with technology and open source collaboration.”

“The open source movement transformed software development which has transformed everything.  We are bringing this free and open sharing model to active learning content creation and execution.” says Curriki co-founder, Scott McNealy.  “During my tenure at Sun Microsystems, we successfully applied open source methodologies to transform communication technologies and business systems used today.  It is time we applied it to learning systems and educational content.  We expect this will help address the inefficient and expensive fragmentation of the content creation challenge in learning content.”

The effort is supported with $500,000 from the Stand Together community, including the Charles Koch Foundation. “Curriki is creating technology and content solutions that will empower students at all levels of learning and will be accessible to all, for free,” said CKF Executive Director Ryan Stowers. “We are excited to be Curriki’s partner in this effort.”

 “IMS Contributing Members are leaders in enabling digital transformation through innovative teaching and learning solutions,” said Rob Abel, Ed.D., CEO of IMS Global Learning Consortium. “We are excited to have a nonprofit, open-source organization advancing the interoperability mission and welcome having Curriki as part of the IMS community.”

Program Development

Curriki is seeking partner organizations developing innovative and engaging programs for learning and are looking to deliver these via interactive technology experiences and implement them at scale. We have options for co-development, early-release access, and underwriting.

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