Curriki Launches Interactive Civics Videos for Remote Learning
By Caroline Benoist

CurrikiStudio Platform Used to Transform Civics Videos into Student-Centered Online Learning Experiences

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CUPERTINO, Calif., February 9, 2021—Curriki, the nonprofit that makes interactive learning experiences available to everyone, today announced the launch of the Civicate Interactive Video Collection.  Civicate, an organization focused on energizing civics education, sought to transform its innovative middle school civics videos into interactive learning experiences. Curriki’s free online content authoring tool, CurrikiStudio, was used to add several different types of learning interactions to ten Civicate videos, with more to come.

Civics enthusiasts and educators are encouraged to join CurrikiStudio to access the Civicate Interactive Video collection and with the platform’s one-click publishing tool, add it to their Learning Management Systems, where they can assign it to their students. The videos are also available on Civicate

“I designed Civicate because my work with middle school students highlighted the need for civic education in schools. The bite-sized video lessons, now with engaging interactions, will help students understand our government so they can better engage as citizens,” commented Katie Sandhu, creator of Civicate. “The talent and creativity of the Curriki team has been truly inspirational, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Instructional Designer, Kathleen Torgrimson, created the interactions with CurrikiStudio. “It is really easy for kids to zone out when they’re watching a learning video, even those that are fun and animated like the Civicate videos,” commented Kathleen. “Now, with interactions that check for understanding, students will be more engaged with the material. They can move along at the pace that is right for them, track their own progress, retry questions they’ve answered incorrectly, and receive immediate feedback.”

Curriki Board Member Phil Lebherz, who introduced Civicate to Curriki, commented, “My wife and I discovered Civicate while looking for a civics class for our grandchildren and we were so impressed with the Civicate videos that we reached out to speak with someone at the company. Imagine our surprise and delight to discover that the creator of Civicate was a high school student who is so passionate about understanding how our country functions and the importance of teaching young Americans about civics.”

“Curriki is proud to help Civicate make its civics videos highly interactive. Katie has built a fantastic course and with the addition of CurrikiStudio’s technology, I’m hopeful we can extend the mission of engaging more students in civics education,” said Abby Ross, Curriki CEO. “Never before has civics education come alive in this way.”


To learn more about Civicate’s Interactive Video Collection and the CurrikiStudio Showcase Partner Program, please join our webinar on 2/17 at 4 pm ET:


CurrikiStudio Showcase Partner Program

Civicate is the first CurrikiStudio Showcase Partner. Education content development organizations are invited to leverage CurrikiStudio to scale and deliver their organization’s curriculum experiences. The free content authoring tool provides over 50 mobile-first activities including interactive multimedia, images, games, virtual tours, and simulations, and one-click publishing to Learning Management Systems. To learn more about becoming a CurrikiStudio Showcase Partner, please submit an inquiry.   

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