Curriki® Unveils Multi-platform Publishing for CurrikiStudio
By Caroline Benoist

CUPERTINO, Calif., July 29, 2020—Curriki®, the nonprofit that revolutionized open sharing of digital learning content, today announced that learning experiences created in CurrikiStudio™ can now be deployed with one click to Moodle, Canvas, and Google Classroom through a smart publishing system called CurrikiGo™.

K-12 and higher education institutions preparing for remote, hybrid, and blended learning scenarios can now take advantage of CurrikiStudio as a central part of their digital curriculum and Professional Development strategy. With no coding knowledge at all, every educator can create engaging multimedia playlists, units, and courses and publish them directly to Moodle, Canvas, and Google Classroom. CurrikiStudio projects can also be shared by email and published on any html website. Education content creators are invited to request Demo Access today.

“Since our launch last month, we have seen tremendous interest in CurrikiStudio as learning delivery models continue to shift and a focus on digital engagement intensifies. We have worked with a wide spectrum of users, from within K-12 education, professional development, and corporate training,” said Keith Kostrzewski, Curriki’s CEO. “We are thrilled with this incredible response to CurrikiStudio and to announce that interactive learning experiences created with CurrikiStudio can now be published directly to Moodle, Canvas, and Google Classroom, where teachers can assign them to students, track progress, and leverage all of the functionality the LMS offers.”

“Nothing is more important than getting our kids excited about engaging in a quality educational experience and giving educators the tools to meet this need, especially given the likelihood of long term remote/hybrid learning situations,” commented Scott McNealy, Curriki Co-founder and Board Member. “CurrikiStudio addresses these challenges head-on by enabling the creation and deployment of interactive, binge-able content to engage self-directed learning.”

The company also announced that it has achieved Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) 1.3 certification from IMS Global Learning Consortium, which leverages the IMS Security Framework for secure integrations and interoperability between learning applications and platforms.

“From early on in the development of CurrikiStudio and CurrikiGo, we felt it was critical to build around LTI to promote interoperability and simplify content integration to support cohesive learning experiences and encourage new content development. Collaboration and partnership with IMS Global are essential to delivering value for content creators at scale in today’s digital learning environments,” commented Leo Cunha, Curriki’s CTO. “LTI Advantage offers Curriki plug-and-play integration to ensure that digital content can be available in real-time for the learner, across multiple platforms.”


Join us for a webinar on 7/30 at 1 pm ET to learn more about this new technology that enables one-step publishing of interactive content.

Presenters include:

  • Scott McNealy, Co-founder & Board Member, Curriki
  • Keith Kostrzewski, CEO, Curriki
  • Leo Cunha, CTO, Curriki
  • Abby Ross, Head of Product, Curriki
  • Mike Francis, Integration Consultant, Curriki
  • Mark Leuba, VP Product Management, IMS Global

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