Curriki® Delivers Game-Changing Functionality and Access to its Free Interactive Authoring Tool, CurrikiStudio, with Support from Linode
By Caroline Benoist

CurrikiStudio makes the process of designing and publishing interactive learning content simpler, faster, and affordable. In addition to free software from Curriki, Linode is supporting educators worldwide, by offering free hosting and managed services to individual CurrikiStudio users.


CUPERTINO, Calif., September 18, 2020—Today, non-profit Curriki® announced the general availability of CurrikiStudio™, providing free access to its open source interactive content authoring solution, enabling educators of all types with the tools to meet the unique needs of today’s learners. Curriki also announced a strategic partnership with open cloud hosting provider, Linode to provide free hosting and utility services to Base-level users, ensuring individual educators can scale and deliver learning experiences created in CurrikiStudio.

CurrikiStudio brings over 50 immersive learning activity types into the hands of content creators, ranging from interactive video, games, virtual tours, and simulations. , CurrikiGo™ ,an imbedded interoperability publishing service allows authors seamlessly publish to multiple learning platforms. Sign up for access to CurrikiStudio by visiting

In the coming weeks, Curriki will also launch solutions for teams and institutions to locally manage the free CurrikiStudio solution, to better serve the needs of organizations in creating and collaborating on content projects and learning experiences.

“We are not only solving a problem for remote education but building a solution for the future of learning.  With today’s release of CurrikiStudio for General Availability, supported by a great collaboration with Linode, Curriki is delivering on our promise to build transformative technology and make it FREE,”  stated Keith Kostrzewski, Curriki’s CEO. “We know very well the hurdles from a cost, technology, and time perspective that educators face, and Curriki is determined to bring the best learning technologies to this market.”

Support from Linode allows Curriki to enable individual content authors and small teams to leverage CurrikiStudio. Linode helped pioneer the cloud computing industry and is today the largest independent open cloud provider in the world. As an infrastructure partner for Curriki, Linode sees the tremendous value in open source EdTech, and the value CurrikiStudio brings to the learning ecosystem.

“A big part of our mission is to make the cloud accessible to everyone,” said Blair Lyon, vice president of marketing at Linode. “Our work with Curriki is a natural extension of that mission. By leveraging open source technologies to reduce costs and increase the accessibility of interactive digital learning experiences, Curriki can have a significant impact on the future of education.”

CurrikiStudio Enhancements

The release also incorporates significant enhancements to CurrikiStudio, including an improved mobile experience for learners, expanded support for teaching mathematics, an enhanced search for finding, reusing, and remixing active learning resources, and publishing, via CurrikiGo, to Moodle LMS, Canvas LMS, and Google Classroom, amongst others.  CurrikiStudio is also now available in EduApp Center,, an open collection of learning apps built on LTI™.

CurrikiStudio Supports Lifelong Learning

Curriki believes that learning is a lifelong process, so it has built CurrikiStudio to support the creation of seamless and integrated education experiences across the “P-20+” spectrum. CurrikiStudio can be used to create content that supports an individual’s entire academic and career pathway, from Pre-K to PhD, personal growth, and self-improvement to professional education and employability credentials.

Educators Praise CurrikiStudio’s Versatility and Ease-of-use

Curriki’s content creators can build effective immersive learning experiences, and mold them into playlists and courses with confidence  – and no coding required.

“I’m loving CurrikiStudio! It’s easy for the students to access and for me to assign. Plus, it works great with Google Classroom,” commented Dawn McCoy, Edkey, Inc. “The best features are the interactive videos. I can make a series of videos/presentations that are all less than 5 minutes and they are kept together in one place for students to easily maneuver through.”

Amanda McCullough, 4th Grade Teacher at Westvale Elementary, Jordan, UT, praised CurrikiStudio “I am using Curriki for a hybrid structure, using the playlist as differentiated activities and for guided practice through Canvas, and I really like how clean it is with embedding into the Canvas LMS. I teach younger students so fewer distractions help them and CurrikiStudio supports this. I really like all the options in one place for different types of activities.”

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