This lesson was developed to make addition and subtraction fun for the students. This lesson has the students working in groups of three to purchase items to go on a camping trip; each group will have a budget of $500. The students are to work together to pick out items that they would need to go camping, they are to print out the items that they believe they would need and the amount of each item. The students will each have a individual task, one member will calculate the total amount spent, another will calculate how much was left over from the budget, and the other student will use the online calculator to check the work of the other group members. The students will be making a poster with the pictures and prices of the items as a group; they will also need to put the total amount spent and the amount of money left over from the budget. Logical- mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal, and intrapersonal are some of the multiple intelligences that the students will be able to address during this project. Interpersonal because the students will be working in a group, intrapersonal because each student has a specific task that they will be doing alone, spatial intelligence because the students will be working with pictures of the items they purchase, and logical mathematical because the students will be using addition and subtraction for this project. For this project the cognitive levels that the students will address are Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Creating, and Evaluating. The students will be using understanding because they will have to understand the concept of camping so that they will know what to purchase for their project, they will be using applying because they will apply their knowledge of camping to purchase supplies, they will be using Analyzing because they will have to analyze the items online to see what they need to purchase, they will be using creating because they will have to create a poster with all of the projects information, and they will be using evaluating because they will have talk to each other about why they want to purchase the items for the camping trip. This lesson is to help the students will addition and subtraction and to learn how to stay in a budget.


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addition and subtraction



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