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Some students find it difficult to empathize with and relate to the situation of the Franks and other Jews in Nazi-controlled Europe. These activities help students to imagine themselves in Anne's position and thus engage more deeply with the text. They also offer opportunities for engaging with the text that go beyond reading, writing responses to the reading, and discussing: here students may imagine, visualize and draw, write letters and diary entries, tell stories, and engage with peers and partners to put themselves in Anne's shoes. These mini-assignments can be used as stand-alone classwork and homework assignments, but I have also used them as a collection of assignments that culminate in a project I call the "Escape Plan." You will see, as you read through the assignments I created, how you could combine these assignments into a project.


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Hayley Gerber
March 23, 2012

I like how this teacher relates the persecution of the Jews and other non-Aryan groups to groups that are persecuted against today. I have done some of that in my unit, but this teacher has some great additional ideas.

I love that this teacher has students design their own secret annex. I try to impress upon the students how hard it would be to stay in the same small place with the same 7 other people for 2 years and be as silent as mice during from the hours of 8:30am to 6:00pm. This lesson is a great way to help students envision these conditions and get to the higher level of Bloom's by creating their own space and considering who would be with them and what they would take with them.

I think have the students journal about this and share their responses would be a great addition.

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