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This hyperlink leads you to virtual activities on Genetics:<p/> <p>1.) Go on a Genetic Journey</p> <p>2.) What makes you, YOU? </p> <p>3.) A Nature and a Nurture Walk</p> <p>4.) Science Scoop</p> <p>5.) DNA Detective</p> <p>6.) Around the World with DNA</p> <p>7.) All About Cloning</p> <p>8.) The Quest for the Perfect Tomato</p> <p>9.) Imagine its the Year 2020</p> <p>Stuff To Do</p><p/> <p>This resource is part of the <b><a href="http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Coll_ALoom/BiologyLinksforOLPC"> Biology Links for One Laptop Per Child</a></b> course which contains units on Exploring Life; The Cell; Genetics; Mechanisms of Evolution; The Evolutionary History of Biological Diversity; Plant Form and Function; Animal Form and Function; Ecology; and Astrobiology. </p>


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Genetics DNA Gene Cloning student-facing game animation



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SCI.9-11.6.A: Science

identify components of DNA, and describe how information for specifying the traits of an organism is carried in the DNA;
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