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"The Great Famine" Lecture Series. Part Two: Poverty and Land Ownership in Ireland. This lecture discusses the terrible hardships Irish tenants faced in the years leading up to the Great Potato Famine (1845-1850). Also mentioned: the Devon Commission, absentee landlords, subsistence agriculture, land stewards (land sharks), rent inflation, 1801 Act of Union, peasant debt, eviction, John Stewart Mill, Benjamin Disraeli, industrial problems, high unemployment, high population growth, poor healthcare, infant mortality rate, benefits of the potato, problems with the potato, seasonal starvation, potato diseases, lack of regulation, policies of British Parliament. Based heavily on the research and writing of Cecil Woodham-Smith. Copyright 2013 by Jonathan Senigaglia


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This resource is a link to a youtube video on the Great Famine (part two). It includes a series of images and a clear, fact-filled lecture on the content. The resource could be used as a reference for students to support independent learning or it could be integrated into a teacher-directed lesson. The narrator speaks slowly and a viewing guide might be helpful for assist students in note-taking and identifying key information.

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