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This algebra 1 course begins with a unit of linear equations and applications, with the first section being an examination of linear patterns. There are no equations, graphs, or tables&#8230; just real scenarios presented in picture form that require experimentation with linear patterns.<p/> The course is meant to be investigative and for students to construct strategies that will be expanded upon and refined throughout the coursework and this section is exactly that.


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MA.8.1.1: Mathematics

Using alternative representations of rational numbers

MA.8.1.2: Mathematics

Applying GCF, LCM, and prime and composite numbers, including justification for the reasonableness of results, when working with rational numbers

MA.8.1.3: Mathematics

Applying proportional reasoning

MA.8.1.4: Mathematics

Using vocabulary associated with sets, including union and intersection

MA.8.1.5: Mathematics

Determining whether a number is rational or irrational

MA.8.1.6: Mathematics

Demonstrating computational fluency with operations on rational numbers

MA.8.2.1: Mathematics

Writing numbers using scientific notation

MA.8.3.1: Mathematics

Applying the substitution principle

MA.8.3.2: Mathematics

Applying the properties of operations on rational numbers to evaluate and simplify algebraic expressions
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