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A video about the third E in Nortel LearniT's 6ES lesson plan model. As teachers, we will all have to resist the urge to be the ones that do the explaining at this point. This section provides the student with the opportunity to "explain" or in some way demonstrate their grasp of the concepts after completing their research. Normally this section will contain key questions and/or instruction for requiring the student to provide a summary of what they have learned in the Explore section. This can and should, where possible, take the form of class or group discussion as well.


  • Career & Technical Education > General
  • Education > General
  • Educational Technology > General
  • Educational Technology > Integrating Technology into the Classroom
  • Educational Technology > Using Multimedia & the Internet

Education Levels:

  • Professional Education & Development
  • Higher Education
  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate-Upper Division
  • Undergraduate-Lower Division


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