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A video about the second E in Nortel LearniT's lesson plan model. This is the section where the student investigates the topic more thoroughly. In these lessons the investigation takes the form of Internet research but it could equally include original research and the use of a variety of problem solving techniques. What is important is that the students are given the opportunity to "free wheel" their way through the materials and not be over directed. We all know however, that they will need some direction and the teacher can circulate, asking important questions, listening to their interactions and ensuring that they remain on task.


  • Career & Technical Education > General
  • Education > General
  • Educational Technology > General
  • Educational Technology > Integrating Technology into the Classroom
  • Educational Technology > Using Multimedia & the Internet
  • Mathematics > General

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  • Professional Education & Development
  • Higher Education
  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate-Upper Division
  • Undergraduate-Lower Division


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June 15, 2009

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