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This collection is designed to help you learn about a) 21st Century Skills, b) learning theory and gaming, and c) Web 2.0 tools (e.g., collaboration, virtual worlds). The Units in this collection contain objectives, readings, video, and activities. The required readings are available through the Internet for your convenience. The activities are meant to help you apply what you have just learned in the readings by using Internet tools to blog or post responses (or your own videos, pod/vodcasts) to forums. Using the Internet tools will aid you in understanding how to use them in your own instruction. Units About 21st Century Skills: 1) Identify 21st Century Skills. 2) Categorize 21st Century Skills. Learning Theories and Gaming: 1) Identify learning theories as they relate to gaming. 2) Apply a learning theory for digital learning. Web 2.0 Technology: 1) Identify existing Web 2.0 Technologies. 2) Apply one or more Web 2.0 technologies to instruction. 3) Locate resources to identify trends in technology.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This 21st century resource is a collection designed to teach learning theories, gaming and web tools, and technology. It consists of objectives, readings available through the internet, video and activities. The required reading and activities guide the teacher in how to use the internet tools. This application of knowledge offers a deep level of understanding to the teacher, which he or she can then use in the classroom. The reader is provided with four learning theories as they relate to gaming and digital learning, and Web 2.0 technologies. The resource is extremely thorough and complete, directs the reader to a wide variety of readings and video available on the web, and asks the reader to respond in the virtual world via posts or blogs, by using new technology for educators.
Janet Pinto
September 6, 2013

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