Utah’s Atmosphere and You


There are many different climates in Utah and each locale has its own unique geographic features. The geographic features in your area affect your local weather in very specific ways.

Large bodies of water are slower to warm and slower to cool than land masses thus they have a moderating effect on weather. Large bodies of water may also provide a source of water for evaporation, thus increasing precipitation (lake effect). People along the Wasatch Front experience weather inversions because they live in a bowl between two mountain ranges.

Large land areas, especially those that are not vegetation covered, may be subject to rapid, significant temperature fluctuations. Mountains may either significantly increase your precipitation or significantly decrease it, depending on which side of the mountain you live. As part of this assignment you will assess your local geography and determine how it affects your local weather.


Look at your area. What influences your weather locally? Describe the mountains, lakes, large areas of desert, or other geographic features that influence your weather.

Write a 200 word, double spaced, typed paper, describing the geographic features of your local area and explaining how they affect your local weather. Spelling and grammar count towards your grade.

When you have completed the assignment, submit it to me.


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