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Worksheet for students to complete in preparation for a Socratic seminar on Gandhi. They read a few quotes by him, paraphrase, draw illustrations, and identify unfamiliar words. I think this is to be done during the second half of the period on the second day of watching the movie "Gandhi."


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gandhi, india, nonviolence, socratic seminar



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This is one lesson in a series on Gandhi’s life and the independence movement in India. As submitted to Curriki, this assignment is to be used as homework during the time students are watching the movie Gandhi in the classroom. The assignment is the first step in preparing for a Socratic seminar that is designed for the end of the unit. It introduces the students to a letter written to Gandhi in response to a question about the use of violence. The assignment is well organized and could be used in a classroom without making any significant changes. It provides background on the letter, and then guides the students through small sections of the letter by asking them to paraphrase each sentence. The assignment concludes with some follow-up questions that allow students to find more personal connections to the letter. The assignment also includes definitions of difficult vocabulary words. Overall, an excellent assignment that would complement any unit on Gandhi and the independence movement in India. It could also be used within in any unit that relates to the use of nonviolence methods.
Georgi Language Arts
August 4, 2009
Thanks for showing a way to address the modalities -- drawing, written feedback with support of isolated quotes and vocabulary explained.

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