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Create an educational guide about reptiles in the US


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  • Grade 3
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Curriki Rating
On a scale of 0 to 3
On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 2, as of 2008-05-30.

Component Ratings:

Technical Completeness: 3
Content Accuracy: 2
Appropriate Pedagogy: 3

Reviewer Comments:

This resource has complete and correct information/metadata, making it easy to locate. The description is simple, yet inviting. While the educational level is targeted at 4th grade, the resource could be useful in a range of classes, especially for classes in grades 4 – 6. The content is thorough and provides everything needed to guide students in a WebQuest and ultimately the creation of a children’s book to save reptiles. The links provided can direct the user in a web search, but are not hot and require additional research. Formatting on the Curriki.org site is a bit cumbersome to use, but worth the effort. While the WebQuest uses Pennsylvania standards, the lesson is appropriate for use anywhere the reptiles are found. The pedagogy behind this lesson is innovative and invites a variety of strategies, techniques and approaches to teach all types of learners. Collaboration among learners is required. The scoring guide/assessment tool aligns itself to the content. The lesson integrates science, language arts and technology.

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