In order to resource you will need this visitors code: 68A3A7FF. In this WebQuest, students will be researching the animal that they have chosen and identifying the primary and secondary consumers as well as the primary and secondary producers. To guide their findings they are provided web resources for the students to browse to research their assigned role. Each student in the group is given the opportunity to research and present their own findings. In addition, the students will be creating a comic to illustrate their findings along with a flyer.


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WebQuest Research Food Chain Scientist Consumer Producer Primary Secondary Tertiary



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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This resource is a link to an age-appropriate 4th grade WebQuest in which students research food chains and present their comic-inspired poster at a fictitious Polar Bear Conference. The external link takes the user to Livetext homepage, where you will need to enter the code “68A3A7FF” in the “Visitor Pass Area” on the right-hand side of the page in order to access the lesson. This resource has all of the necessary pedagogical parts of a web quest (introduction, task, process, evaluation) as well as defined roles for each group member and active links for research. There is also a section of the Quest called “Teacher page” which gives pedagogical details, including rationale, objectives and alignment to standards.

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