The American Revolution was a war between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies of North America. The thirteen colonies wanted to gain independence and be free from Great Britian.This assignment will enable you to go into further detail of the life of a soldier/person involved in the war or civilian in the Revolutionary War. Your project is to create two letters relating to the Revolutionary War. The first letter is to be written from the point of view of a soldier or someone involved in the Revolutionary War written home to either a family member or friend. This letter will include things like the living conditions of the person in the war, the food they are eating, battles they fought in, generals, and weapons they are using. The second letter will be written back from the family member, friend or lover to the soldier or person in the war. This letter will include things like your living conditions at home, hardships you are facing because of the war, and the food you are eating. As a group you will then present your letters (each student will read one letter) to the class portraying (with the clothes provided) either the writer of the letter or the receiver of the letter.


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webquest American Revolution letter writing



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This webquest about the American Revolution is engaging and sets purpose for a meaningful letter writing activity. Working in pairs, students take on the personna of a soldier or the soldier’s family member in their letters sharing intimate details of their experience. There are a variety of sites for students to navigate, which will require some scaffolding and may be challenging for some students. There are a few issues with formatting to consider.
Jane Perry
October 30, 2010
http://www.americanrevolution.com/LifeofaSoldier.htm this is a dead link

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