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An amazing informational video about digital magazines.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 2, as of 2012-03-11.

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Technical Completeness: 2
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Appropriate Pedagogy: 2

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This resource is a lesson plan that is focused on the impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction in the modern era. The overall concept of the lesson is to have students watch a video from the History Channel, engage in discussion, and then apply what they have learned by creating a PowerPoint. It should be noted that the while there is an overview of the lesson plan, the video is not specifically referenced nor are there clear procedures or directions for the PowerPoint assignment.
Austyn Smith
November 4, 2011

very funny intro to the video. I like how you made characters and gave them personality. It was also very informative. I would have liked to have seen a little more in the demo but other than that I thought is was good. The only other thing that I can think of the may have made it better is some background music. Other than that, great job!

Rachel Miller
October 5, 2011

I thought the video was funny and creative. It would definitely keep an audience entertained. It was also very informative at the same time!

To improve the video, I would have fixed the sound(if possible) because I had to readjust the sound on my computer throughout the video. Also, I would have reinforced the back of the magazine covers so that they did not bend during the video because they were difficult to see at some points.

Abby Lindsley
October 5, 2011

I LOVED the idea of using to magazines to explain the content. The inflections in your voices to play the characters was absolutely hilarious and really entertaining to listen to. Also, from this video, I learned a lot about digital magazines!

To improve the video, I would make sure the camera is in the right spot for the magazines; sometimes half of the magazine was cut off in the shot. Also, sometimes the tutorials on how to use digital magazines were long and it lost my attention.

Otherwise, amazing video overall!

Elisabeth Emery
October 4, 2011

This video was pretty hilarious! I love how you used the magazine covers. The male voice made me LOL literally.

The only changes I would suggest would be to watch were the magazine covers were placed. At the beginning of the video one magazine cover slowly started falling out of the scene and later on, one magazine was placed so that the audience had a straight view of the cover's chest. The other change I would suggest would be to try not to keep the scene too long on the one magazine (the long monologue). I thought it was just a little long and my attention wasn't as focused as the rest of the video.


danielle Nathan
October 4, 2011

I really liked how it started with the magazines "talking". And it was explained thoroughly.
However it did get really loud when you switched to the website example. But thats the only real downfall I found

Emily Robertson
October 4, 2011

I thought the use of the magazine puppets were creative and kept the video interesting.I also thought the video was very informative.

The volume levels between showing examples of online magazines and the puppets were very different and I had to adjust my volume for it each time, but other than that I thought the video was very good!

Tori Nelson
October 4, 2011

I liked the use of magazines as puppets...it grabbed my attention and gave the video an entertaining quality. I also really really liked the different voices that were used. They were hilarious!

I would have liked better camera shots when the video got close to the magazines, since a few shots cut the head off a few models.

Joshua Ray
October 4, 2011

Puppets have so much potential for making a video interesting, and you did great. Yet I am not sure that paper magazines would be happy about digital ones. I also enjoyed the acting, it adds to the entertainment.
I thought that the transitions between the voices was strange, and sometimes it made hearing the video difficult. Also, it seemed to drag a bit. It had too many examples without adding new information.

Rebecca Blitch
October 4, 2011

I really like the video!
The beginning was really creative and I liked the idea of using the magazines 'voices' for an introduction. You guys also did a really great job at explaining how digital magazines can be used!
As for improvement, some of the tutoriols/explanations were a little long and i got a little distracted. Also, sometimes the voices were a little distracting because of the volume levels and tones.
awesome job!

Amanda Harvie
October 3, 2011

Good job girls! I thought the video was very informative and the presentation was really creative! It showed that you girls put a lot of time and thought into it.

However, I found the valley girl voices kind of distracting after a while and I didn't find the video visually engaging. Other than that, it was really good though!

Lexi Pomerance
October 3, 2011

I thought the video was very good. The screen shots were clear and everything was easily visible. I liked the introduction idea of a magazine puppet show.

I would have liked to hear more of the tutorials in regular voices because the fake ones were slightly distracting. Also, maybe another way to keep viewers engaged could have been used like the use of something other than the talking magazines.

Kyesia Shavers
October 3, 2011

I loved the introduction song. I liked the idea of the traditional magazines having a say in the discussion of web magazines. I also found it to be very informative and thought you completely answered all questions concerning digital magazines.

My only suggestion is that the tutorial was much louder than the other portions of the video and I had to adjust my volume several times. Because the video was so long I would have liked to see other visuals besides the talking magazines and the tutorials.

Brandalyn Williams
October 2, 2011

I think the music at the beginning was great and fitting for the video. I like the fact that they used magazine covers for their voices in the beginning.
As for improvement I would decrease the amount of dead air in a spot where nothing was said or nothing was happening. I would suggest to zoom out more on the camera or not bring the magazine cover so close to the lens when talking with the magazine, because half of the cover was cut off in a portion of the segment.

Jessica Smith
September 30, 2011

I loved how you used magazine covers as the characters in the video. It added humor and kept my attention. The video was also concise and to the point.

I would have liked to see a little more video of the actual online magazines. Some of the explanations in the middle were not quite as engaging as other parts.

Great video!

Alison Schultheis
September 29, 2011

Great video! I liked the talking magazines, they were super catchy. I thought the tutorial explaining different ways to use digital magazines was very informative. Also, I liked how you gave multiple ways that they would be beneficial in the classroom.

The video did get super loud all of a sudden at one point, though. Also, the valley girl accent got a little annoying. But overall, I think y'all did a really good job! :)

Alyssa Prats
September 29, 2011

Very cute girls! It grabbed my attention off the bat. And I feel that it would keep younger students engaged in the video as well, since it relates to their age group.

The sounds quality wasn't the best (neither was ours!) but alas, that is the nature of screenr. And it was pretty cheesy. But since I'm quite a cheeseball myself, I liked it :)

Brandon Beaudoin
September 28, 2011

I really liked the video of the magazine websites. I kind of enjoyed the informality of the video at first.

The valley girl accent at the beginning was alright, but then it kept going and I started tuning it out and began counting how many times the word "like" was used instead of paying attention. I didn't feel I was being educated on how this is used to educate people.

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